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Cats and Christmas – Festive Trouble with Felines

Christmas is obviously a wonderful time for the whole family but I am convinced that it is cats which benefit the most from the season of goodwill. The festive season gives our feline friends absolutely everything that they crave – tasty food, new things to play with and endless opportunities to annoy their owners. Or is that just my cat? Continue reading Cats and Christmas – Festive Trouble with Felines

Double Trouble?

Double Denim is currently one of the hottest fashion topics. If you are not familiar with the concept then double denim refers to the wearing of denim with denim. In other words teaming up jeans or a denim skirt with a denim shirt or jacket.  This might not sound particularly daring but the fact is that some fashionistas really despise double denim whilst others think that it is super cool. Most of the controversy surrounds the issue of colour. The burning question being whether or not you can pair up denim styles which are the same shade. Continue reading Double Trouble?

Edgy Jeans

Fashion trends come and go, sometimes in the blink of an eye. Whilst jeans never seem to go out of fashion, trends for various fits and fabrics do.  We have fallen in and out of love with low rise, high rise, boyfriend, skinny, faded, distressed and coloured jeans and now it is selvedge denim that is top of the pops. If you are a fashionista then you are probably already wearing it, but if not then you might just be wondering what selvedge denim actually is! Continue reading Edgy Jeans

Build Community Spirit with a Street Party

It is rather sad how the community spirit in many neighbourhoods has all but disappeared. People used to rely on their neighbours now they either don’t know them or have a tendency to fall out with them.  Everyone is too busy dealing with their own lives to pay any attention to their neighbours but surely life would be better if we had more connection with the people who are so near to us and yet in many ways so far away. Continue reading Build Community Spirit with a Street Party

Unisex Fashion

“A Handbag!” was Lady Bracknell’s appalled response to discovering that her daughter’s suitor had been adopted after being discovered abandoned in a handbag at Victoria Station.  Naturally Lady Bracknell’s horror in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Ernest concerned the nature of Ernest’s origins. Today she would likely have a similar response to young men’s fashion choices which may well include a handbag. Continue reading Unisex Fashion

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Personally I have always shied away from buying gifts on the fixed days that are designated for such gestures. I have always felt that spontaneous presents work more magic as they are unexpected surprises and can be bought when a good opportunity arises. Somehow I have never been able to shake the feeling that a gift is devalued when there is a set date involved. I start questioning myself and wondering if I am being generous or merely conforming to expectations. Continue reading The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Are Christmas Clubs a Good Idea?

Christmas is a costly time of year, especially for those with children. There are presents to buy and people to feed and many families struggle to finance Christmas without accumulating debts which they are still paying off long after the festive season has passed. Christmas Clubs offer the chance to save throughout the year meaning that there should be no financial hangover but are they the best way to spread the cost of Christmas? Continue reading Are Christmas Clubs a Good Idea?

Gifts for Men – The Alternatives to Flowers

You buy women flowers but should you buy them for men and if not then what are the alternatives? I mean for those occasions when you want to say thanks, sorry or make gesture of appreciation. Or perhaps when you have completely forgotten someone’s birthday and need to find a gift at the last minute. I suppose there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy flowers for men but then it does seem a little odd doesn’t it? The trouble is that spontaneous gifts are something you need to conjure up quickly and could be for someone you don’t know very well. So what do you do? Continue reading Gifts for Men – The Alternatives to Flowers