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Cats and Christmas – Festive Trouble with Felines

Christmas is obviously a wonderful time for the whole family but I am convinced that it is cats which benefit the most from the season of goodwill. The festive season gives our feline friends absolutely everything that they crave – tasty food, new things to play with and endless opportunities to annoy their owners. Or is that just my cat? Continue reading Cats and Christmas – Festive Trouble with Felines

Are Christmas Clubs a Good Idea?

Christmas is a costly time of year, especially for those with children. There are presents to buy and people to feed and many families struggle to finance Christmas without accumulating debts which they are still paying off long after the festive season has passed. Christmas Clubs offer the chance to save throughout the year meaning that there should be no financial hangover but are they the best way to spread the cost of Christmas? Continue reading Are Christmas Clubs a Good Idea?

The Worst Gifts in the World

I just love those videos you see on YouTube of parents deliberately giving their kids the most awful Christmas presents so they can watch their reactions. There is something truly hilarious about seeing a small child unwrapping a potato or a can of sweetcorn and then bawling their eyes out! At the heart of the humour is probably the fact that we have all received gifts that we really didn’t want. I am also sure that everyone has a relative with a knack of buying the most naff gifts imaginable. Continue reading The Worst Gifts in the World