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Double Trouble?

Double Denim is currently one of the hottest fashion topics. If you are not familiar with the concept then double denim refers to the wearing of denim with denim. In other words teaming up jeans or a denim skirt with a denim shirt or jacket.  This might not sound particularly daring but the fact is that some fashionistas really despise double denim whilst others think that it is super cool. Most of the controversy surrounds the issue of colour. The burning question being whether or not you can pair up denim styles which are the same shade. Continue reading Double Trouble?

Unisex Fashion

“A Handbag!” was Lady Bracknell’s appalled response to discovering that her daughter’s suitor had been adopted after being discovered abandoned in a handbag at Victoria Station.  Naturally Lady Bracknell’s horror in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Ernest concerned the nature of Ernest’s origins. Today she would likely have a similar response to young men’s fashion choices which may well include a handbag. Continue reading Unisex Fashion